Turku Cathedral
Saturday 20 May, 2017
at 6 p.m.

Turun tuomiokirkko
la 20.5.2017 klo 18.00


Musicians of the King’s Road, a cappella
Jonas Rannila, conductor

Martti Anttila, Evangelist
Sampo Haapaniemi, Jesus

“Earliest Passion stories in the world”
– Three historical performances in Finland celebrating St Matthew Passion 500 years

Passion mass
Heikki Rainio, priest serving in the worship

Johann Walter:
St Matthew Passion

Ristinpuussa Golgatalla (Stabat Mater dolorosa), Benjamin Sporon (1778)
Jeesus Kristus, elämämme, Johannes von Jenstein (n. 1400)
Oi Jumalan Karitsa (Agnus dei), Nicolaus Decius (n. 1522)
Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin, Johann Walter (1524)
Wir gleuben all an einen Gott, Johann Walter (1524)
On autuas, ken Jeesusta (Jesu dulcis memoria), Bartholomäus Gesius (1603)


Johann Walter was a follower and a close collaborator of the reformer Martin Luther. He composed the earliest version of the Lutheran passion story.

Free admission

The mass was recorded by:

Public lecture – Christian Priesmeier: Family heritage of the Reformer – Martin Luther and his descendants

Musicians of the King’s Road invited a descendant of Martin Luther to Finland to lecture on the Reformer and his heritage.

Katedralskolan i Åbo
Vanha Suurtori, Turku
at 3 p.m.

In co-operation with: Mikael Agricola Society

Free parking
We offer the lecture audience free parking in the schoolyard (entrance via Nunnankatu). Please notice that the gates of the schoolyard will be closed 30 minutes after the lecture has finished. All cars must be driven out by then.