Turku Cathedral
Saturday 8 April, 2017
at 6 p.m.


Musicians of the King’s Road, a cappella
Jonas Rannila, conductor

Martti Anttila, Evangelist
Sampo Haapaniemi, Jesus

“Earliest Passion stories in the world”
– Three historical performances in Finland celebrating St Matthew Passion 500 years

Passion mass
Heikki Rainio, priest serving in the worship

Jakob Meiland:
St Matthew Passion

Ristinpuussa Golgatalla (Stabat Mater dolorosa), Benjamin Sporon (1778)
Jeesus Kristus, elämämme, Johannes von Jenstein (n. 1400)
Oi Jumalan Karitsa (Agnus dei), Nicolaus Decius (n. 1522)
Ylistys olkoon aina Isällemme, saksalainen (1400-luku)
On autuas, ken Jeesusta (Jesu dulcis memoria), Bartholomäus Gesius (1603)


In this interesting work, the characteristics of its predecessor, the Passion by Johann Walter, can be heard.

Free admission

Free public lecture: From killing heretics towards tolerance – Sebastian Castellio (1515–1563) opening a new way

A free public lecture (in Finnish) is given in the Sharpshooters’ Chapel (Tarkk’ampujan kappeli) at 4.30 p.m. by Matti Myllykoski, university lecturer of New Testament Exegesis at the University of Helsinki. Limited number of seats, about 60 persons will be let in in order of arrival.