Turku Cathedral
Sunday 6 January, 2013
at 6 p.m.

Musicians of the King’s Road
Markus Yli-Jokipii, conductor

Minna Nyberg, soprano
David Hackston, alto
Aapo Korhonen, tenor
Markku Hietaharju, organ
Irma Niskanen, concertmaster

Domenico Zipoli:
Jesuitic Mass
Misa a San Ignacio
– first performance in Finland

Sonate d’Intavolatura per Organo e Cimbalo:
Toccata all’Elevazione

O Daliso, da quel dì che partisti
Sonata Folias (Anonimo, Bolivia, Sec. XVIII)
Domine ad adjuvandum
Laudate Dominum
Beatus Vir

The concert is dedicated to Domenico Zipoli, the Baroque composer who died in South America.


Baroque Mass from the heart of the jungle

In 1717, an Italian baroque composer travelled across the southern Atlantic Ocean towards an almost unknown destination. In the middle of the South American jungle he created dozens of compositions, but later they disappeared. Only in the 1970s, when restoring a Bolivian church, were a large number of manuscripts found. Among these was the Mass that will be performed in Turku Cathedral on Epiphany 2013.

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– The concert was recorded by YLE Radio 1 and broadcast on 10 January, 2013.
– The programme was available on YLE Areena until February 9, 2013.